About Us

Canadian Transportation Consultants Inc. (CTCI)

Cornelisse Transport Consulting Inc. (CTCI) incorporated in 1991 as a consulting company which applies for authorities, licensing and insurance for the transportation industry. John and Carrie operated the business until 2008, at which time John's son Bill acquired the company and changed the name to CTCI Consulting Inc. Bill started with the company in 2002 and also has a background in the transportation industry. In 2012 Bill along with HAL... Your Insurance Destination created a partnership and this resulting in Canadian Transportation Consultants Inc. This partnership was developed to strengthen the services they both provide.

Canadian Transportation Consultants Inc. strives to provide the same fast & reliable service all customers have come to enjoy over the years. The office is automated for faster turn around time on applications. CTCI can provide the experience and has a good understanding of the clients needs for operating in Canada & the United States.

The insurance is brokered through HAL... Your Insurance Destination who has access to many respectable insurance carriers. This enables us to shop for coverages as well as competitive rates.

Please contact us in order to help with your transportation needs.